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Reach the community of Chesterfield and North Derbyshire with Radio Advertising

Radio Rewind is the Number 1 Local Commercial Radio Station for Chesterfield, Matlock and North Derbyshire. Our Listeners are loyal and love us for playing great music, keeping them entertained, informed, our professional sound quality and being a part of their everyday lives.

As well as playing great music, our output is packed with the local news and information. Our aim is to provide a professional-sounding radio station with friendly and familiar presenters who care about the issues and events across the area.

We're available online so have a potential audience of millions! - but, because Radio Rewind's output has a strong focus on the Chesterfield, Matlock and North Derbyshire areas, most of our listeners will be local people. Local people who enjoy supporting local shops, cafes, restaurants and other local businesses.

Our product is professional, put together by broadcasters and technicians with many years of experience in Live Events, Commercial Radio, BBC radio, as well as Community Radio Stations. We encourage you to tune in and hear for yourself the quality of our output.

We can work with you and your business to put together an incredibly cost-effective advertising package to promote your company to local people across the region of North Derbyshire. 

On air promotions are a great way to really engage our audience with something that is interactive, fun to listen to and can be great water-cooler conversation starters and social media chatter fuel.

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Spot Advertising

This is the most traditional way of advertising on the radio. We'll work with you to develop a script and record your commercial for regular broadcast on Radio Rewind. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to promote an offer, or sell the Unique Selling Point of your business to listeners in a creative and stand-out way.


Advert duration's can be anything from 10 to 60 seconds, 30 seconds tends to be the most popular. You will be charged a one-off fee for the production of your commercial and then a monthly amount for an agreed number of 'plays' on the radio.

Every day, at least 20% of our advert spots will be given to businesses for FREE - so you'll get even more for your money. 

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Our listeners have a great relationship with Radio Rewind. They know us for presenters, Local Travel, Local Weather, Local Focus and News.


These all offer an opportunity to become engrained in the hearts and minds of the listeners on a hugely emotional level.

Your business, brand, product or service can become part of the fabric of the station and this powerful relationship. Long-term, it can create a position in the mind that can deliver huge value to your ‘Top-of-Mind’ recall.


Adding a digital element to any campaign is crucial and our digital production team can create an online campaign that will deliver results.

Ranging from social media posts, to on website advertising, we have a full toolkit to create an online campaign to complement your existing on-air advertising.

Thanks to the relationship we are growing with our local listeners and readers, our digital campaigns are trusted.



Radio listeners love to win stuff. And as a business, it's likely you've got stuff they'd like to get their hands on - whether it's a free meal in your restaurant, a free product from your shop or a free service that you offer.


We'll work with you to agree a suitable level of promotion for your business and the competition on the air - through promotional trailers and presenter mentions.


We'll then run the competition to an agreed format and ensure that the listeners and the eventual winner know exactly who's provided their prize! We could even hold the 'grand final' at your business with the winner being revealed live on air.


Listeners also love discounts and vouchers, and we'll be looking to introduce Radio Rewind vouchers down the line.

Allowing our listeners to try out your product or service for at least half the usual price. Radio Rewind Vouchers will help your business to attract new customers who'll tell all their friends about the wonderful experience they had.


While they're visiting your business you'll of course get the opportunity to up-sell other products to them - they've already got a bargain, so are likely to be happy to spend a little more to enhance their experience.

There are so many different ways we could run your promotion, competition, or voucher campaign to ensure everyone's a winner - you'll get some great exposure for your brand or business, a lucky listener or listeners will get a fantastic prize and or discount, and we'll get more people tuning in and visiting our website!



We have a dedicated team of Event Experts at Radio Rewind and we are brilliant at bringing radio to life for any event or promotion. Radio Rewind works closely with local events companies in the region, and have access to talented people to help arrange the perfect radio event.

With a wide range of professional equipment, from lighting and sound to live video and photography, we can work with you to put on the perfect event. Anything from a small store opening right through to large festivals, firework displays and award ceremonies. Events can be branded with Radio Rewind (a partnered event, or event appearances etc) as well as white-labelled, allowing your event to be completely branded as your own without any mention of our brands.

Because of our experienced teams abilities, and our access to a wide range of professional industry standard equipment, we can really put on a show. From virtual events, pop-up radio stations, on-air specials/coverage, social media coverage to large scale festivals and events, with flexible and impressive lighting, sound and video packages.

We'll work with you to find the perfect solution for your event. Our experts will be on hand to discuss your needs and to provide creative & technical suggestions to allow for the best possible event to be produced. As a part of working with us on an event, we can provide low cost on air and digital promotion solutions, which would be discussed as a part of the process.

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