Reach the community of Chesterfield and North Derbyshire with Radio Advertising.

On-Air Advertising

We offer on-air advertising packages, with custom adverts made to suit you and your business.

Either made in house, or by our specialist go-to production company. Depending on what best suits your budget.

On-Air Sponsorship

We also offer on-air sponsorship of our shows, this can range from our breakfast shows to the chart show.

As a part of this package, your company or campaign will be promoted via a sponsor tag produced in house, a minimum of 3 times an hour, and maybe even mentioned on air by the live presenter.


Advertising with us couldn't be easier. Our online packages range from sponsoring / advertising on pages of our website, right through to sponsored social media posts.

We work with you through the process to build a custom advertising package, perfect for your campaign.

Getting started with your promotion on Radio Rewind is as simple as getting in touch with us below:

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