Chesterfield Royal Hospital Confirmed To Be Covid-19 Free

Chesterfield hospital has been officially confirmed to be free of coronavirus for the first time since March. The number of patients who have been tested positive for Covid-19 has dropped from a peak of 70 to 0.

A spokesperson for the Royal Hospital said:

“We’re delighted to be able to say that we currently have no inpatient on our wards with a positive diagnosis of COVID-19. This has been purely down to the incredible hard work of our staff, all of whom have put in a tremendous effort and worked under difficult circumstances throughout the past four months, and our local communities who have been so vigilant in following hospital guidelines."

“The number of COVID positive patients we have treated has been on a steady decline since the peak of the pandemic, at which point we were treating almost 70 patients. Whilst this is fantastic news, it is important to remember that COVID-19 is still out there and we’ve achieved this through a combination of hard work and observing all of the guidelines put in place to reduce the risk of transmission."

“We continue to urge everyone coming into the hospital, whether it’s for an outpatient appointment, to pick up a loved one or as a member of staff, to wear a face covering at all times whilst in the building, to clean your hands regularly at one of our hand gel stations and to maintain social distancing at all times which remains at two metres. Following these guidelines has taken us to this position, so continuing this good work gives us the best chance of reducing the risk of transmission and keeping those numbers down.”

Published 23/07/2020 By: The Radio Rewind Newsroom