Chesterfield’s Twist Magazine Sets Up Loyalty Card Scheme For Local Shoppers And Businesses

Twist magazine responded to the coronavirus crisis by setting up the largest loyalty card scheme in Chesterfield, enabling any local business to offer money-saving offers to its readers – entirely for free.

The publication distributed 15,500 Twist & Save Cards to its readers and each month it publishes a list of local businesses and services where Chesterfield folk can claim discounts or other benefits.

Dozens of businesses have been quick to join the scheme, offering all manner of incentives to attract new customers.

Said Heron Publications director Mike Firth:

“We had been considering a scheme such as this for a long while and, with many businesses going through the toughest of times in 2020, this was the perfect time to launch it.

“It’s one way we have been able to put something back into the community which supports our publication so well.

“Businesses can promote their own individual deals and card-holders can take advantage of all manner of special offers. Everyone benefits – and no-one has to pay a penny to be involved.”

Additional Twist & Save Cards are available from the magazine for people wanting to pass them on to relations or friends.

Added Mike:

“Everyone knows the importance of dealing with local shops and services. When people can also show their Twist & Save Card to make a saving or pick up a ‘freebie’ locally, it’s a no-brainer for them.”

Heron Publications have launched similar schemes through its other three magazines – Wings, Dronfield Eye and Active8 – with a total of almost 52,000 cards distributed to readers.

The Twist & Save Card scheme is supported by Chesterfield Borough Council. To discover how your business or service can benefit, email or call Mandy Goulding on 01246 416027.

Published: 04/12/2020 By: Josh Marsh