Dancers Dance On Top Of The Peaks In Spectacular Photo Shoot

Two professional dancers are hoping a trip to the Peak District will help get their career dreams back on track after Covid-19 stopped them in their tracks.

Josh Crowther, from Chesterfield, and his partner Lydia Barker are both recent graduates of Performers College in Essex and had big hopes and plans for 2020 – only for everything to change as coronvirus took hold and lockdown was imposed.

It left the pair needing to adapt to the ‘new normal’ and looking for new ways to get creative.

Josh and Lydia had moved back to Chesterfield from London just before lockdown began and during that time, they took classes remotely via video links with the professional dance studio being swapped for the bedroom, kitchen, garage or driveway.

Josh said:

“It’s a very weird situation going from dancing in a London studio with people and atmosphere to then be on your driveway learning choreography through a small screen.”

It was during one of these classes that they were spotted by Simon Bernacki, a commercial photographer based in Chesterfield, who asked them if they’d like to take part in an outdoor test shoot on location in the Peak District.

Simon recalled: “I could see that these two were special and had a special connection that I wanted to capture through my camera.”

Lydia and Josh jumped at the opportunity as it gave them a focus and good excuse to be creative and they headed for one of the couple;s favourite beauty spots, Curbar Edge in the Peak District.

The idea was to get the couple dancing on a cliff edge during a sunset but this presented several challenges, not least of which was the nerves of steel required to perform a series of daring lifts with a 40 foot drop just a inches away.

However, the end results were spectacular and the pair followed up the shoot with another studio session soon after to enhance their portfolios further.

Lydia said:

“performing is our absolute passion and we felt very privileged to be able to do an outdoor shoot like this."

“Our industry may have come to a standstill but the individuals haven’t.

"This is a career where you have to find opportunities and sometimes opportunities will find you, just stay positive and trust in your journey.”

Published 17/07/2020 By: John Smith