Derbyshire Parents Concerned As Schools Reopen To Some Children

It's thought around half of parents in England won't be sending their children back to school today - despite many re-opening. 

A report also suggests more than a quarter of teachers will only be able to work from home. 

Pupils in reception, along with years 1 and 6 will go back from today, but older year groups from year 10 upwards will have to wait another two weeks before returning.

Derbyshire mum "Louise" has a 6-year-old - but his school have already said they're not opening to year 1 pupils yet. She told Gem she wouldn't want to send him back yet anyway though: "Home schooling hasn't exactly been easy. He's not been learning as much as he would be at school.

"I don't really think that missing one summer term of schooling is going to affect that much of his education in the long run and I think it is just safer and seems more sensible to start the schools back in September."

But Derbyshire County Council have been preparing for the return of schools under the instructions of the government.

Cabinet member for children and young people, Cllr Alex Dale said: "Every environment has health and safety risks and it is always something that we have to manage and mitigate against.

Obviously Covid-19 presents very serious challenges and there is some risk there of spreading the disease and we have to do a series of things to try and mitigate but I have absolute faith in our schools, headteachers and governors to get to grips with the guidance and really manage that.

"We always have to balance any safety risk against the loss of education for our children and young people. We know that it can have bad effects on emotional health and wellbeing and the longer term impacts in terms of loss of education are widely regarded to be significant  so we do need to get children back into school as soon as it is safe to do so."

"The guidance is changing on a day-to-day basis and the science is changing on a day-to-day basis and we have to be led by the science. We're going to have to keep on our toes, watch the situation carefully and make adjustments to things over time."