Derbyshire's Mobile Libraries Gear Up To Return To The Road

From Monday 21 September both our mobile library vehicles will start operating again for mornings only and following new routes.

The service will be on a 4-weekly cycle and will operate a `book and borrow’ system, which means customers will need to phone to book an appointment and will be able to pick up a maximum of 10 books.

Appointment times will last 5 minutes, and for the time being people will not be able to select their own books by going onto the vehicle. Instead, they will be asked what type of books they like reading and a selection will be made for them so they can pick them up at their allotted time.

New safety measures include books which are returned being quarantined for 72 hours and customers being asked to bring their own bags to pick up their books.

As the service will be mornings only it will not be possible to visit all the usual stops, which is why new routes have been introduced. This will be reviewed over the coming weeks and months.

Our Council Leader and Cabinet Member for Strategic Leadership, Culture and Tourism Councillor Barry Lewis said:

“We’ve been working incredibly hard to get services which had to stop due to coronavirus back up and running, ensuring they are safe for our staff and customers. “After making some necessary changes to how the service will operate for now, I’m pleased we are in a position where we can re-start this service and reach as many people as possible who I’m sure have missed their regular visits from the mobiles.”

To book an appointment customers should ring either 01629 531398 if they get their books from the mobile library based at Long Eaton, or 01629 533464 if they use the mobile based in Buxton. Both phone lines will be monitored from 21 September.

See our mobile library page for timetables and information on the new routes