Event Crew On 'Red Alert' For Live Music And Theatre

Members of the UK's live event's industry are taking part in a national day of action to highlight the 'red alert' currently facing music event staff and venues

A nationwide demonstration has been planned by members of the UK music industry to highlight the difficulties facing staff who work in the live music sector, with regional events taking place in Manchester, London, Liverpool and many other major cities across the UK on the 11th August.

Thousands of music industry workers are expected to march across the country in support of requests for increased financial aid from the British government. Demonstrations were taking place in such cities and towns as: Blackpool, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Hull, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham & Tunbridge Wells.

In Manchester, crew members from some of the city's best-loved venues will push flight cases through the streets of the city, representing the venues they work for.

Last month more than 1400 artists (including Iron Maiden, Paul McCartney, the Rolling Stones, Yes and Judas Priest) called on the British government to act to save the UK's live music scene. Artists signed an open letter to Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden as the #LetTheMusicPlay campaign launched.

The UK government later announced a £1.57 billion support package for the entertainment sector. However, the Professional Lighting & Sound Association (PLASA) warn that it is not enough and are calling on more support for workers within the event and entertainment industries as part of the#WeMakeEvents red alert campaign.

"Live events around the world have been devastated, from major festivals and landmark theatres, to grassroots venues and business events,"

PLASA say in a statement.

"The events supply chain is on the brink of collapse and urgently needs more support to survive the Covid-19 crisis. Join the growing collective of organizations, companies and freelancers to get our industry’s voice heard and increase our chances of receiving further support.

Radio Rewind spoke to 'Supreme Sound & Vision' a local event company in Chesterfield to find out how they have been affected.

"It's been hard for the whole sector. One day you have events booked up till Christmas then the UK goes into lockdown and all events went off like a light switch."

“The Business had been building up over the years. About 80% of our work is in the spring and summer, this year was going to be the best yet with work through to Jan 2021. We will now be going into the new year having no events and no income, and at present, no idea when the next event / job will be.”

"We hire freelance crew for quite a number of the larger events, and we feel bad for them as they had no support through these unusual times. Luckily we have enough financial backing and a few installation contracts which will keep the business afloat."

We reported last month that 70% of UK music venues and theatres were at risk of permanent closure and 114,000 music industry jobs facing job losses unless the government took action, with venues in Sheffield and Manchester already affected.

The main demonstration began at 9pm and included live performances which were streamed live over the internet.

Published:12/08/2020 By: Radio Rewind Newsroom