Facebook Page Falsely Reports Local MP's Death

Local Facebook page "Chesterfield Radio" falsely reported the death of local legend; MP Dennis Skinner in a Facebook post last night. With potential repercussions for their reputation.

Note: MP Dennis Skinner has been confirmed by MP Toby Perkins as "Alive and Well".

"Chesterfield Radio" is the page behind the post. A page that is owned and operated by a local group of individuals made up of Paul Wragsdale, Sara Tasker, Lee Anthony Evans (according to Companies House) as a part of their project to launch a new community station for the town.

The post originally written and shared by the "Chesterfield Radio" Facebook page amassed over 1.5k shares, with a lot of people sharing the sad 'news' into popular groups, tweeting about it, and sharing it with their friends.

The below image is the post published by "Chesterfield Radio", it contains false information:

From the above post, spawned many posts and comments from others sharing their love and fond memories of the ex Bolsover MP. Some even shared pictures.

It has since been confirmed by the family, as well as other reliable sources that this news was false, including a post from Chesterfield MP Toby Perkins:

Once the news that the original post by "Chesterfield Radio" was confirmed as false, the page took it down, and issued the following statement:

Whilst many were grateful for the good news and the apology, the overwhelming majority of responses and opinions, show that many were appalled by the mistakes of the "Chesterfield Radio" page (see below comments).

This could be viewed as a potentially damaging start for the "Chesterfield Radio" project, risking ruining its journalistic integrity and reputation within the first year.

Published 26/09/2020: Radio Rewind Newsroom