Heatwave: Temperatures To Soar To 29°C In Chesterfield With Hot Weather This Week

People in Chesterfield can enjoy largely uninterrupted sunshine this week, as a heatwave is set to hit the town causing temperatures to soar to 29°C.

Temperatures will reach 29°C in Chesterfield this week, after the Met Office announced a heatwave would hit the area with the hottest weather arriving on Wednesday.

The heatwave which will cause temperatures to soar and long periods of uninterrupted sunshine will last until Saturday.

It comes after cooler, cloudier weather in the last few weeks.

Many people will be setting their sights on sunny spots in the Peak District to bask in the first of the hot weather today, as it is set to get as warm as 22°C in the town.

There will be sunny intervals in Chesterfield today with some cloud cover, with temperatures getting as cold as 13°C this evening.

Temperatures will continue to rise until it peaks at 29°C on Wednesday that will continue through to Thursday, before getting significantly cooler on Saturday.

There's some hot weather on the way, here's a look at what we can expect.

— Met Office (@metoffice) June 21, 2020

Today could be the start of hot, summer weather making a return to Chesterfield as temperatures will get as high as 23°C with lows of just 13°C at night time. Tomorrow will be even warmer, with temperatures rising to 26°C with uninterrupted sunshine according to the Met Office.


It will be very sunny on Tuesday, with no expected cloud cover and lots of dry, bright weather. Temperatures will rise to 26°C in Chesterfield and lows of 15°C at night time, the Met Office have said.


Temperatures will peak on Wednesday at 29°C. This heatwave will continue until Saturday, when the temperature will drop slightly and become cooler. There will be dry, sunshine on Wednesday with lows of 16°C.


It will remain hot on Thursday, with temperatures staying at 29°C. The dry, sunny weather will continue throughout the day with no cloud cover in sight. The lowest temperature will be 15°C.


The weather will stay hot on Friday, with highs of 28°C and sunshine that will become slightly cloudy in the afternoon. Temperatures will drop to as low as 15°C at night.


There will be colder temperatures on Saturday, with highs of just 22°C – 6°C lower than the previous day. There will be plenty of sunshine and some cloudy spells during the day alongside 30% of light showers in the early evening. The lowest temperature will be 14°C.


Temperatures will drop again on Sunday, only reaching highs of 21°C. The morning sunshine will turn cloudy throughout the day and it will be as cold as 13°C in the evening.

Social distancing guidelines

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People who live in a single adult household are allowed to form a ‘social bubble’ with one other household – meaning they can enter each others homes without social distancing.

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