Labour Supports Changes To England Lockdown Rules

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has said the party supports the easing of some lockdown restrictions if safe.

He said: “We support the gradual easing of restrictions on lockdown, it’s got to be safe and we need clear guidance from public health and we also need to see the scientific evidence actually published.

“We also need a clear test and trace, effective, clear test and trace monitor operation in place but we support the gradual easing of these restrictions.”

When asked whether the Government had been slow to recognise the impact of social restrictions on the public, Sir Keir continued: “We’ve asked a lot of the public and it’s largely thanks to what they’ve done that we’re in this position, so we do support the gradual easing of these restrictions.

“It’s got to be done safely and we do need clear guidance. The public’s given a huge amount in this.”

Published:29/05/2020by Radio NewsHub