Local Bus Operator Stagecoach Unveil New Look As They Enter Their 40th Year Of Operation.

Whilst you may have noticed some changes with public transport over the past few months, with new social distancing measures and other Covid-19 precautions, you may have also spotted some shiny new Stagecoach buses.

Earlier this year, Stagecoach (a bus operator in Chesterfield & South Yorkshire) launched their new branding, initially via a reimagined smart phone app, which allows the user to track their bus as well as buy tickets in advance. In more recent times Stagecoach have been repainting their buses to match.

Stagecoach said in a press release earlier this year:

“As we enter into our 40th year, we’ve unveiled a brand new look for our iconic buses, shaped by the needs of our customers who we proudly serve across the UK, every day.”

“The new bus design is part of our wider commitment to simplify, modernise and enhance our customer experience, which supports the customer-first approach that runs through everything we do – from our drivers and buses, to our customer service and technology solutions.”

“When creating the new look, we asked thousands of our customers to share their thoughts on how the new design could serve them best, and what would encourage them to use public transport more regularly.”

“We found out that 69% of customers often felt confused when trying to find the bus they wanted, with a further 37% saying they’d use the bus more often if it was simpler and more modern.”

“Taking all that on board, we created a new simple and clearly colour-coded design for our bus services to make it easier and instantly recognisable for our customers to find the service they need. The colours represent three different types of journey; Azure Blue for our Local service, Amber Yellow for Longer, and Ocean Green for Specialist.”

So make sure to keep an eye out when using public transport for this new and simplified brand, which has been designed to help you figure out your local public transport.

The full national roll out is expected to be completed in 2023, according to a representative at the company.

“The new bus design will be rolled out across the fleet of 8,400 buses over a three-year period, with customers seeing the first buses on the road from February 2020.”

Local buses – these are everyday community buses with strong local connections that take people to work, education, hospitals, leisure activities with friends and family and life’s important moments.

Longer distance – buses with added comfort and value for customers that need to take a bus beyond the place they live.

Specialist – these are specialist services built for purpose – for drivers who need to park their car outside of town and use park and ride services, university students who need a lift to class and tourists who want to go sightseeing around the country

“The new changes across our services embody our commitment to being proud to serve all of our current customers, encourage new customers to use the bus and show the important role we play in connecting people to the people and places that matter most.”

“It’s not all about our new look buses and logo, though. We’ve kick-started the biggest roll-out of the technology by any bus operator in Britain, including the introduction of the Stagecoach Bus App, which has a new online travel-planning tool that provides customers with real-time tracking of their bus service on an interactive map. We also now offer our customers the chance to use contactless payment facilities on all of our buses.”

The final of those feature updates, having proved extremely useful over the past few months, with the increased need of cashless transactions.

“We’re investing more than £13m in one of the biggest orders of new electric buses in Europe, as part of a drive to provide a more sustainable transport solution to the people and communities we serve. By the end of 2020, we’ll have more electric vehicles than any other major UK bus operator.”

With over 384 local buses, and over 19 million miles traveled on the local routes it looks like Stagecoach are here to stay, all whilst moving towards a greener and more modern public transport vision.

Published by: The Radio Rewind Newsroom - 19/06/2020