Inspirations Theatre Company receives >500% more donations for The NHS & Acting For Others than the original target for their live event: The Eurovision Musical Contest.

At 7 pm on Saturday 16th May - the date when the Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final was due to be broadcast from Rotterdam - Joshua Mason, the Company Director at Inspirations Theatre Company went live across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube to present a special fundraising event: The Eurovision Musical Contest in aid of The NHS & Acting For Others.

14 countries that were due to compete in this years actual Eurovision final were represented by people from all over the country and indeed abroad. They contacted ‘Inspirations’ after a call was put out for volunteers to create their own music videos using a song from a musical theatre show based in their claimed country. They, therefore, had songs from ‘Frozen’ representing Norway, ‘The Sound Of Music’ representing Austria, ‘The Little Mermaid’ representing Denmark, ‘Cabaret’ representing Germany and 10 more equally as creative entries from the other countries.

People were able to vote for their winner online after all the countries had competed and Inspirations were able to remove the possibility of people voting more than once to make it as fair as possible - over 820 votes were received within the 20-minute voting window. During this time the live stream continued with interviews conducted with some of the competitors about how they created their videos in lockdown, performances from professional company’s in lockdown including the West-End ‘Mamma Mia’ cast, the Original Broadway Cast of ‘American Idiot’, and a huge ensemble of ‘Hairspray’ performers from various casts too. Inspirations also played videos detailing the incredible work and campaigns of The NHS and Acting For Others during these unprecedented times and how the money raised was going to support these causes.

The NHS, of course, needs no introduction - these are the incredible healthcare professionals who are working around the clock to keep everyone as safe and healthy as is possible during this really difficult time. Inspirations have NHS staff as members and so this cause was especially close to their hearts. Acting For Others is a charity responsible for 15 other member charities that financially and emotionally support anyone within the performing industry during times of crisis and include The Actor’s Children’s Trust, The Royal Theatrical Fund and The Theatrical Guild.

The votes were all counted up and the winner was announced as Romania who was represented by ‘Its All An Act Podcast’ which is the only podcast dedicated to amateur theatre in the UK who are still able to send out their podcast on a fortnightly basis from lockdown. They created a frame by frame parody music video of ‘Over At The Frankenstein’s Place’ from ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ with iconic shots recreated, funny homemade props and fantastic video editing.

When Joshua came up with the idea for this project on one of his single daily exercise walks around Bolsover over a month ago, he thought it would be fun to try and merge Eurovision and musical theatre together and raise money for two incredible causes. He set a target of £200 which he thought was really ambitious - for a completely unique online project with so many variables and without even knowing how many people would be willing to get involved let alone watch along live. This initial target, however, was met well before the event even went live thanks to interviews and promotions conducted by our media partners including Radio Rewind. By the end of the live event, the total was announced to the viewers as an amazing £688.75 - but now, at the writing of this press release on the 18th May, the total stands at an incredible £1037.50, 518% more than the original target!

Inspirations are hoping that this amount will continue to grow with the event still available to watch on YouTube at tinyurl.com/EurovisionMusical and the Virgin Money Giving page still being active for donations at tinyurl.com/EurovisionDonate.

Inspirations, now in the 9th week of lockdown, continue to offer free ‘Quarantine Activities’ for their members and the public to be involved with including movie nights, quizzes, read-throughs and online concerts. They encourage everyone to follow them across their social media networks - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok & Youtube - find their profiles: @InspoTheatre.

Inspirations wish to express their deepest thanks to everyone who took part in the event from those who represented countries and created videos, to everyone who watched the live event, but especially to those who donated to their cause and have raised more money than they ever thought would be possible!

This article was written by Inspirations Theatre Company - Radio Rewind is not responsible for any inaccuracies or linked content on external websites.