Over 75 Per Cent Of Enland's Population Will Go Into The New Year In The Highest Tier Of Restriction

Boris Johnson says the UK must redouble its efforts to fight coronavirus

Large parts of the North West, the North East and the Midlands in England go into 2021 in the toughest tier of Covid-19 restrictions.

Only the Isles of Scilly remain in the lowest tier, with all other parts of England in Tier 3.

Boris Johnson says that it was “very frustrating we’re in a position where we’ve got a new strain of the virus surging in the UK” but he was “also filled with hope by the arrival of this new British-made vaccine”.

The Prime Minister added that he hoped that by spring of 2021, many coronavirus restrictions would have “receded into the past”.

In September, the number of people with the virus across England was 1 in every 900 people, whereas now that figure is at 1 in every 70.

Published: 30/12/2020 by Radio NewsHub