Plans For New 5G Mast In Chesterfield

Plans have been put forward to build a new 5G mast in Chesterfield.

If given the green light the 20-metre high mast will be constructed at the junction of Eastside Road and Pottery Lane East in Whittington Moor.

The mast would be build on behalf of the EE and Three networks and will provide faster internet speeds for mobile users.

Some critics have claimed that the radio waves emitted from 5G masts are dangerous and conspiracy theorists have even said they could be to blame for the coronavirus pandemic.

However, these claims have been strongly denied by experts.

Planning documents state:

"The location enables the whole of the surrounding area to benefit from improved 5G network coverage and has been designed to be future proof, thus enabling other technologies to be deployed depending upon the demand required.

"As the shift in demand is expected for the foreseeable future and as central government considers digital communications to be a critical national infrastructure, we intend to support customers and local residents by ensuring as little disruption as possible.

"The new column is located where there is an existing established radio base station. There are no other more suitable locations within the immediate area for the operator to locate their equipment.

"As such this is sequentially the most preferable site for the operator to install the new column and associated equipment cabinets."

Published: 02/08/2020 By George Allen