Pupils Sent Home From Primary School due to Positive Coronavirus Case

Parents and Guardians were asked to collect their year 5 children form 2pm on 10th September due to a child reporting their test was returned positive.

Parents of year 5 Newbold Church of England Primary School on Cranborne Road were told to collect children earlier this afternoon.

Headteacher Kerry Marsh wrote on Facebook:

“Please can all parents / carers of children in Year 5 make arrangements to collect their children from school as soon as possible.

"Please be assured that all children are safe and well, and that further information will be shared with you once you arrive at school. Only call the school office regarding this matter if you are unable to collect your child. Siblings of children in Year 5 will also be allowed to leave the school site on collection.”

One parent wrote:

“The whole school should be shut down as like my daughter who’s in year 5 where the COVID has been diagnosed has a sibling in year two and also in reception.”

Posted: 10/09/2020 By: Radio Rewind Newsroom