Schools Should Only Have A Quarter Of Year 10 And 12 Pupils ‘In At One Time’

The guidance has come from the Department for Education

Secondary schools should only have a quarter of year 10 and year 12 pupils in at any one time to reduce transmission risks, the Government’s new guidance says.

The guidelines, from the Department for Education (DfE), advises schools to practise social distancing by keeping pupils two metres apart from each other where possible.

Schools should ensure that the use of public transport for school travel is “minimised” and pupils are encouraged to walk or cycle to reduce the risk of the virus spreading, according to the advice.

Staggered start and end times should be introduced to take into account the likelihood of pupils mixing with each other and coming into contact with other people on the journey to and from school.

The guidelines, published by the DfE, says the Government “cannot return more pupils to secondary school at this time” – but this position “will be kept under review”.

Published:26/05/2020 by Radio NewsHub