Spireites Trust Visit Local Schools During Black History Month

Chesterfield FC Community Trust arranged a series of school visits in October as part of Black History Month.

The Trust has continued to work with the African Caribbean Community Association of Chesterfield (ACCAC), delivering a series of workshops across Chesterfield and North-East Derbyshire about Black History, BAME role models, the Windrush generation and equality.

Lud Ramsey, chair of Chesterfield ACCAC, said:

“I believe the most important equality work we deliver must start at school level.

“This is to ensure the future adult work force of our country will have a better knowledge of people in their community.

“Having a better understanding of seeing equality and diversity is a strength and not a weakness.”

Working alongside the ACCAC, visits were made to Ridgeway Primary School, William Rhodes Primary School, Woodthorpe C of E Primary School, Eckington Junior School and St Joseph’s Catholic & Church of England Primary School.

Lud shared his personal story, which included footage of his appearances on Gladiators and Ninja Warrior! Here are a few quotes from teachers, participants and Chesterfield FC Community Trust staff:

Jayne Jackson, assistant headteacher at William Rhodes Primary & Nursery School, said:

“Thank you so much for the inspiring visit from Lud. Please pass on our thanks and admiration.

“His visit has left an inspirational and lasting impact on our children and the class teachers.”

Maisie (Year 6), who was a part of the workshop at William Rhodes Primary School, said:

“Lud told us about Rosa Parks being arrested because she wouldn’t give up her seat to a white person and how Muhammad Ali wasn’t allowed into a restaurant because he was black, even though he was a World Champion boxer.

“I think Lud is an amazing person who has worked hard to get where he is. I would definitely recommend him to other schools.”

Esme (Year 5), who was a part of the workshop at Ridgeway Primary School, commented:

“We learnt that back in the day, black people were treated unfairly. They were used as slaves and had to be segregated from white people, which we now know is completely unfair!”

Robert Stevenson, Premier League co-ordinator at the Community Trust, said:

“It has been great to visit schools and have Lud talk about Black History.

“He is really inspirational in his own right from what he has done in his career as a firefighter, as well as having his own battles against equality and diversity.

“At the Trust, we feel that this it is important for children to understand the importance of equality and implement it into their everyday lives.”

Published: 30/11/2020 By: Radio Rewind Newsroom