Stagecoach Launch New App To Help Social Distancing on Buses in Chesterfield

Chesterfield’s top bus operator Stagecoach is updating their app, which it hopes will give passengers a more convenient service.

The smartphone “How busy is my bus?” indicator aims to help customers plan their journeys as services increase across the area, with lockdown measures being lowered.

The new feature on the app will use extensive data and artificial intelligence to provide a traffic light indicator to help customers choose quieter services and maintain social distancing.

The app is to be rolled out to iOS and android users via the App Store and Google Play Stores.

The tracker will provide a regularly updated guide to how busy individual bus services are in networks across the UK.

It is part of a package of safety measures in place to help people travel in confidence as life slowly returns to normal.

Live maps will be colour coded:

  • Green Bus icon indicating ‘Not Too at this time.

  • Amber ‘Quite Busy’

  • Dark Amber ‘Very Busy’.

Blue Bus icon means that we do not have enough data on this service at this time to provide a guide to how busy this service may be.

Customers can also still see where their bus is on the map and when it will be arriving. So no more standing in the rain at the bus stop.

The bus company says it is continuing to increase capacity on bus services to support social distancing.

It also says cleaning regimes continue for all buses, which includes at least a daily clean of all buses with an antiviral sanitiser. Contactless payment is available on all buses.

The latest UK government advice states that everybody travelling on public transport from June 15 must wear a face covering.

Carla Stockton-Jones, Interim Managing Director UK for Stagecoach, said:

We are pleased to be welcoming more people back onto our buses as things start to open up around the country.

“We have already put a range of extra measures in place to make sure our customers feel confident in using our services, including strict cleaning regimes and social distancing measures, which we know are the biggest priorities for travellers.

“The launch of our new busy bus indicator is an extra step to give people an easy, at a glance guide on the best times to travel and to plan their journeys to avoid busier times.

“Buses continue to play a vital role in connecting people with work and leisure facilities.

“At a time when people across the country are starting to be reunited with friends and family, this investment in new technology will help to ensure that people can be completely prepared and confident in using our services.”