Statues Added To Miners Memorial

Fifteen new statues have been erected to commemorate miners who tragically lost their lives in three disasters at Markham Colliery.

Fifteen new statues have been added to the ‘Walking Together’ mining memorial at Derbyshire County Council’s Markham Vale Business Park.

The business park was developed by the county council on the site of the former colliery and the memorial acts as a permanent reminder of the site’s strong mining heritage.

Each statue symbolises a miner's journey to the pit and represents the men who lost their lives in the 3 accidents in 1937, 1938 and 1973.

The new statues take the total of life-sized steel figures to 77, and we continue to work alongside partners to fundraise for all 106 miners to be commemorated.

Our Council Leader Councillor Barry Lewis said:

“Although the landscape looks very different, Markham Vale is a hive of industry and employment today just as it was back when the pit stood there and, it’s important we don’t forget the area’s roots.
“As we enter the final stages towards completing the memorial project, I’d like to thank all the sponsors for their contributions so far, including Viridor Credits Environmental Company for funding the most recent group of figures through the Landfill Communities Fund.”

These most recent additions have been dedicated to:

  • Charles Bown, 27, contractor

  • George Clarence Briggs, 52, deputy

  • Joseph William Brocklehurst, 58, deputy

  • George Cyril Foulds Buckley, 40, contractor

  • John William Watson Commons, 33, contractor

  • George Eyre, 60, gearhead attendant

  • Clifford Brooks, 58, deputy

  • Joe Hardy, 37, Contractor

  • Clarence Hill, 29, belt-hand

  • Fred Reddish, 53, development worker

  • Harry Hudson, 26, gate-end

  • Benjamin Wallace, 29, road layer

  • George Henry Jackson, 43, contractor

  • William Edward Whelpton, 32, rope greaser

  • Michael Kilroy, 53, development worker

Published: 18/08/2020 By: Radio Rewind Newsroom