Toby Perkins MP Sends A Christmas Letter Of Reassurance To Local School Kids

MP for Chesterfield; Toby Perkins recently wrote to local schools and schools kids in a reassuring letter about Father Christmas.

In the letter received by local schools, the MP said:

I know children have been worrying whether all the restrictions might mean that Father Christmas was unable to visit children this year. I have been discussing this in parliament and understand that the goverment have confirmed that Father Christmas will still be allowed to visit this year whatever restrictions are in place.

Toby Perkins MP went on to say:

However, I believe that there have been some elves off work shielding due to the virus and so it does mean that they have had less time to make presents this year, so we would like everyone to be aware that there might be fewer presents but Father Christmas will definitely still be allowed to visit.

It's the letters and little things like these that bring us hope and cheer in these gloomy times.

Published 21/11/2020 by: Radio Rewind