Vandals Strike Again At Chesterfield Park

Vandals have removed several ‘balancing stepping stones from Whitecotes Field play area in Chesterfield leaving 3 fixing posts exposed.

This is yet another blow to the ‘Friends of Whitecotes Field’ group who have raised money over the last few years to improve the facilities in this park that serves parts of Whitecotes and Walton.

It is unclear exactly when the vandalism took place, but it was discovered by users over the weekend.

The Chair of the ‘Friends of Whitecotes Field’ group, Lib Dem Cllr. Keith Falconer told us that this is very disappointing to the Group given their hard work to raise funds to improve the play area.

“We must have had over £3,000 worth of damage done to newly installed items”

“And all this has taken many hours of fund finding, managing installations, and working with the Borough Council and County Councils. All by community minded volunteers who give their time and skills to help the families of the area”.

The estimated that the cost to replace the stones this time would be over £400.

(The £3,000 figure refers to the total amount of damage done to the area through repeated attacks.)

Keith appeals to anyone who sees vandalism taking place on the field, to ring the Police.

Derbyshire police say they received a call about this incident. Anyone with information is urged to contact the force on 101 quoting reference number 808-190820.

Keith added

“it’s to everyone’s benefit to stop this wanton destruction to the facilities in the Field. We all want youngsters to have play equipment, and people complain when there isn’t any, or if what there is substandard.
The Friends of Whitecotes Field ask neighbours to help look after the play area and to report any anti-social behaviour immediately to the Police”.

Published: 24/08/2020 By: Radio Rewind Newsroom