WW2 Explosive Found In Peak District

Bomb disposal called in after a Second World War shell was found next to a path in the Peak District.

The rusty World War 2 shell was discovered up on the moors by members of Woodhead Mountain Rescue Team, which said it had been exposed having lain hidden in the heather for years after walkers and cyclists trying to avoid the softest peat ended up widening existing paths.

Members of the Royal Logistic Corps attended and after detailed inspection the item was deemed to be potentially hazardous as it could contain Barium Nitrate which could kill wildlife so it was removed for safe disposal on Wednesday 12th August.

The Woodhead Mountain rescue team thanked them and South Yorkshire Police for helping and reminded anyone to find something similar not to touch it.

"Call the police and wait for instructions. Ideally mark the site if possible and take an accurate location grid reference. Any ordnance could still be dangerous even if it looks like a rusty old shell,”

Said the Woodhead Mountain Rescue.

Published: 17/08/2020 By: Radio Rewind Newsroom